About Us

Who lives in the house of shabby

House of Shabby seeks to encourage individuals to absolve from social conformity and embrace their personal identity and style. House of Shabby is a collective that works towards dismantling traditional standards by encouraging originality.

House of Shabby will be comprised of the lifestyle and interests of three New Yorkers; Charlotte, Taedra and Tom.


Taedra here. Working towards a Master’s in Clinical Social Work mixed with my interest in fashion motivated me to co-create the House of Shabby collective. Rooting from the phase “shabby shit” that slipped out of my mouth one day instead of shabby chic, I started to think about my relationship between chic and my sense of style and saw no correlation. Elegance is not exactly my middle name, it’s actually stone (which probably says a lot about me) and I’m totally okay with that. Fashion and social justice/service are the fuel to my fire. I’m excited to bring them together here.
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Tumblr: lolasunny
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Hello all- I’m Charlotte and this is my generic introduction: a girl from Boston who escaped to New York in search of greatness or endless opportunities to reinvent herself. I didn’t find greatness yet, but I did find people who added meaning and value to my life-Taedra and Tom, which is WAY better than glory! They are more than my best friends; they’re family and they keep me safe in reality. What more can I ask for? I enjoy most things art. I studied Communication and Literature in college and shortly after graduation, I attended The French Culinary Institute for pastry arts.  Learning new things and exploring new ventures are important to me and help me better understand people and myself. I may not be good at everything, but who has to know? Finding ways to be genuinely content with one’s overall self can be torture, and I strongly believe that House of Shabby can be an inspirational platform that will provide encouragement for people to be their authentic selves and live their lives without judgement. Unfortunately, I’m the least social media friendly of the crew; so maybe in life, we can randomly strike up conversation and connect! I do love talking to strangers as long as they’re not psychopaths. Please don’t be a psycho. Well in any case, I hope you enjoy exploring the site.

Kisses, everyone! -Char


Hi I’m Tom, or Lil Sizzly if you’d prefer. I came to NYC for school, met my tribe, and have been learning about myself and life in general ever since. At the moment, I’m living at the bottom of the cliché “started from the bottom now we’re here” Drake lyric; I’m just lucky because I live with my best friend in a dope-ass Brooklyn apartment. A diehard Beyoncé fan, I love seeing live music, making people laugh, discovering new music and TV shows to share, and stuffing my face with apps, zerts, and treé treés. Join me as I try to conquer the ever-daunting task of planning my future and finding out what truly makes me happy. I believe that everyone has something different to offer the world and I’m excited to share my interests, adventures, and commentary as part of the House of Shabby collective.
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Twitter: thetomduffy
Tumblr: constantlywhaleish