Double Date with Dino Ribs

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As usual, it is always a real treat whenever Pam (Taedra’s mumma) visits and as you can tell from the title, it was a Dino treat! She spoiled us to a night of sheer gluttony and let us order whatever we wanted; the word “no” was practically nonexistent. Can you please visit us more often, Pam?! We ventured down the desolate corner of Kent Ave and 2nd street and arrived to a wonderful farm to table restaurant where grass-fed meats, organic vegetables and Rosé awaited us (note: I was only sipping on some fancy diet coke equivalent while the others were feeling a bit more naughty thirst-wise).

This magical place is none other than Cow & Clover, a New American restaurant opened by Chef Morgan Schofield who was the previous executive chef at other successful restaurants such as il Buco, North End Grill, and Blue Hill. The space was a beautiful duality of romance and danger; the smoky aroma stemming from the wood fire ovens warmed the dark atmosphere and our hearts. The open kitchen allowed us transparency to witness how the staff prepared the food. Although I didn’t see the line cooks prepare the food, I know they had to be impeccably clean. I worked as a pastry cook at a couple of restaurants and bakeries that had kitchens tucked away from societal eyes, and let’s just said you wouldn’t want to eat some of the meals if you saw who slash how they were prepared. Service was certainly on point too; both the bartender and waitress were quite attentive and oozed genuine friendliness. BK love big time.

Our Thursday Date Night Best

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This is us before we savaged our meal. EAGER!



For appetizers, we ordered the wood roasted flatbread with roasted maitake mushrooms, arugula and Parmesan, and fried asparagus. The flatbread was well balanced in salt content from the cheese and freshness from the bitter arugula. The fancy mushrooms were a delight too; I definitely had to restrain myself from taking someone else’s portion. I definitely could have easily eaten a whole one myself and still have room for the main course. The asparagus fries were acceptable; I would much rather have potato fries but the spicy mayo made it easy to devour them so no real complaints here.

Main Course Time 

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Tom ordered the short rib burger with Grafton cheese and spring onions. Judging on how quickly he scarfed down the burger, I would say why yes, I’d recommend it too! Pam was the only vegetarian at the table and ordered a salad with albino strawberries (unfortunately I can’t quite remember the name of it, but she was only picking at the albino strawberries so I don’t think it was that great). Of course, Taedra and I ordered the Creekstone Farms “Dinosaur” Beef Rib, aka the DINO RIB. I ordered it after her because I knew I just couldn’t share it; I needed my own. The dino rib was gigantic and came with kale slaw and fried fingerling potatoes. It was absolutely glorious. I told everyone if I died today, I would have died happy. The beef rib has at least four fistfuls of meat and every bite was so tender and greasy and OMG I wish I had some right now. The kale slaw was surprisingly decadent, too. It literally tasted like spinach wilted in ranch dressing, but a thousand times better. YUM! Being the carnivore I am, I ended up eating the entire thing and suffered at night trying to sleep on a full stomach. Meat sweats are real.

Dessert? HECK YEAH

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You would think we would have stopped at the main courses when we’re beyond full. Well that’s where you’re wrong; we’re the greediest little piggies. Our philosophy is definitely more is more. On the right, this is the mascarpone panna cotta with a blueberry reduction and on the left, the olive oil cake with segmented orange and crème Chantilly (French for whipped cream). In life, my favorite dessert of all time is the panna cotta and although I did enjoy this one, I found the berry reduction to be quite tart. I totally understand that it added complexity to the dessert, but I enjoy panna cotta on its own. This one had great depth from the mascarpone cheese and velvety notes from real vanilla beans. If I had to guess, the vanilla beans might be from Madagascar. The olive oil cake was a pleasant surprise; I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. The cake was a triple whammy-dense, rich, and moist. The orange segments cut through the sweetness and added lightness. I would definitely order the olive oil cake over the panna cotta here.

Would my squad and I come back again? Heard this place does bottomless mimosas (and bloody Mary’s, for people who care about them) on the weekend, what do you think?

All I can say is le DUH!


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