Festival? More like Bestival!

A few weeks ago, the squad (I really hate that word, I’m going to replace it henceforth with flock) ventured to Governor’s Island for this years Full Moon music festival.  Over the two days the fest took place we danced like no one was watching, put some balls in our mouths, and became very familiar with the bartendress.  Overall: waviness ensued.

The flock had two day passes so we, in theory, had access to every artist on the lineup.  Of course we have our favorites, so on Saturday we skipped JIL and a DJ set by Dave Harrington in favor of a proper pregame as to not fall further into debt courtesy of overpriced event-provided libations.  After a minor wrench was thrown into the plan when someone *cough, Charlotte* thought we were meeting on the subway platform instead of outside of the subway station, we hopped on the ferry after a vigorous pat down for the 5-minute trip to the island I guess formerly inhabited by Governors.

We arrived just in time for the Queen that is Lolawolf a.k.a. Zoë Kravitz.  It was a gorgeous day and we were up real close to the stage.  Babygirl sauntered out, drink in hand, and put on a show of her most popular bangers.  We were vibing out so hard, it was truly a perfect summer day.  The rest of Saturday’s lineup consisted of Moodyman, Pusha T, Black Coffee, and SBTRKT.  Everyone else was good but after seeing Lolawolf set the stage ablaze (metaphorically) nobody else was able to get us as hype.  As Saturday was winding down, I think it was during Black Coffee that we sampled some of the food that was available for purchase.  We split some meatball heroes, which were delish; however, we needed a variety of food and a lot of it.  So sorry to SBTRKT, but we left the island early and traveled to one of our favorite spots, Chinatown, for some midnight beef chow fun and other Chinese treats.  How totes approp to end the day with fun, AMIRITE???

Lolawolf (L) & Kali Uchis (R)
Lolawolf (L) & Kali Uchis (R)

Cut to- the next day.  We were all super excited because a sometimes member of the flock, HeeJung a.k.a. Terry a.k.a. Terriyaki, was coming to play.  Our fave Kali Uchis was first up and we made it just in time for our girl.  It really is such a better experience when you are a fan of the person/group you’re seeing live.  You can sing (scream) along, pull out your completely unrehearsed dance moves, and live your best life.  After closing her set with the bop-tasticRidin’ Round,” we got it together and readied ourselves for the next act, Allah-las, which was not memorable to me.  During this time it had began to rain and in between trips to the port-a-potty corral, Terry had graciously gifted us all with some high fashion ponchos.  A photoshoot and some more beer later, the next act, Escort, was taking the stage.  To say that we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement.  Escort brought the funky vibes that had seriously been missing.  They served us girl power with some beats that made even the lamest of lame shake their rumps.  Thanks to Full Moon festival this band is on my radar, hashtag gratitude.

After Escort got us moving, some of the flock was getting a little ti-ti.  The rain had become more of a nuisance, with Julio Bashmore and Santigold suffering the consequence of us not watching their sets.  Although, I think they survived gloriously.  We decided to leave early again and go get some sushi.  Like they say, birds of a feather FLOCK together…at Asian eating establishments.  After some rolls & bowls (of ramen) we bid adieu to our love, Ms. Terriyaki, as she had a train to catch back to CT.  And just like that, our fun weekend had come to an end.

c'est moi!

A music festival is truly an experience like no other.  It’s like a regular concert only, like, 10 times better?  It’s a daylong event and you can see more than one of your faves all on the same day.  Also, you get to be exposed to new acts that you may just end up falling in love with.  Very much good. Would recommend.


               Lil Sizzly

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