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There is chaos and trauma that is occurring locally, nationally and globally. Within the past week there have been several events that have triggered anger, pain, and turbulence within communities. As a social work graduate student, and a person who identifies as a change agent and social justice advocate I have felt sick with disgust and shame about how humanity treats each other. As conflict grows I have found solace in treating others and myself in kind and gentle ways. I recognize this may have a minimal impact on a macro scale however the more peace I have within my heart and mind the greater impact I can make in my work and interactions with others. I also understand my privilege within this context and do not want to overlook the complexity of that in this entry.

National Peace Day has just passed on September 21st and as an effort to increase tranquility within myself I have challenged myself to rededicate myself to meditation and yoga practice. The resources that I will be utilizing will be below. Please join me to create awareness within ourselves in order to serve society in a more effective way.

                                      Meditation Week NYC

Meditation Week is taking place in New York City this coming week September 26 – October 2nd. Free introduction to meditation classes will be taking place throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC. The classes will be instructed by long term meditation practicers that have take meditation workshops under Sri Chinmoy Centre. More can be learned about Sri Chinmoy’s influence here.

The schedule for the free classes can be found below. Please visit NYC Meditation’s website to learn more about the locations, here. screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-01-21-pm

                           Headspace: Treat your head right

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-07-21-pmI understand that not everyone is available to attend in person workshops. Thankfully the internet and apps exist, which enables us to download apps for meditation. The app that I have heard the best reviews about is Headspace. This apps allows you to meditate at anytime and in any location.

You can sign up for a free 10 day trail here. After the trail ends members can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription for a low cost. If you are interested in cruising their website and learning more about how Headspace works check out their homepage, here

Here is a diagram that Headspace has created on their website that displays the extensive benefits of meditation, yes and it has been scientifically proven!


Yoga To The People

I have been practicing yoga at Yoga to the People for about two years. My practice varies from month to month however I always find myself coming back. There is no greater feeling than entering Shavasana at the end of a mindful 60 minute Power Vinyasa class. When you hear the ringing of the gong every muscle in your body relaxes into Shavasana and you melt into your mat.

Yoga to the People is a donation based studio, they suggest that you pay $10 but if you have only a dollar or two that day then there is no denying or shaming at the door. This is because Yoga to the People is for everyone. You can feel that exact energy in the room when people of all walks of life pile into the room and practice inches from each other. The energy is magnetic and community based. If you don’t have a mat there is no need to worry. You can rent one for a small cost of $2. To learn more about Yoga to the People locations and class styles visit their website here.


Cheers to a mindful weekend,


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