Try this out for your earholes! Her name is BANKS.  She is drop dead gorgeous, but more enticing than her looks are her angelic voice and sexy, synthy beats.  Her sophomore album drops at the end of this month and it’s time you get to know her.

Born Jillian Rose Banks in sunny California, BANKS got her start writing songs when she was 15 years old as a method of coping with her parents divorce.  Christ on a cracker the divorce rate is truly tragic.  After discovering her skills as a songwriter with the accompaniment of a keyboard given to her by a friend, BANKS went on to acquire a bachelor’s degree in psychology from USC.  BEAUTY & BRAINS & TALENT?! I’m surprised I haven’t been turned by you yet, girl.

After coincidentally (and luckily) becoming friends with the daughter of Phil Collins, Lily, her music was passed along to assorted industry professionals until it got into the hands of a DJ named Yung Skeeter who helped manage Yung BANKS and got her signed to a British record label.  This, my friends, is where it all began.


She’s been described as a female version of The Weeknd, which makes total sense considering she’s been on tour with him twice.  I remember the first time I heard her was during a Victoria’s Secret commercial when her song “Waiting Game” was playing in the background.  The track has a haunting sound to it, which serves as a somewhat yin to the yang of an airy delicate melody sung by the songstress.  Immediately I took notice and thanks to Shazam (side note: technology is going to rule us all one day, tbh) I discovered my next musical obsession.

With each new track I came across, I fell deeper in love.  These songs are the kind of songs where you feel the need to play them to all your friends, hoping they’ll become just as obsessed as you are.  I remember the moment of falling completely head over heels for her.  It was during a trip Taedra and I took to California.  Tae had gotten there a few days before me and on my solo plane trip I was listening strictly to BANKS, having only learned about her in the couple of weeks prior to the trip.  When I was picked up at the airport by Taedra and our friend Ashley, the conversation turned to BANKS.  Me and Tae were both like “you know BANKS? I LOVE BANKS!” And that is when I immediately plugged in to the adapter and started playing DJ until we made it to the Korean BBQ restaurant we ate dinner at.  The songs completely fit with the vacation vibe and now when I listen to the album I’m brought back to the magical L.A. trip full of magical beaches with beautiful weather and the super fun times we had together.

One of the latest gift BANKS has given us is the lead single from her upcoming album “The Altar,” entitled “Fuck With Myself.”  I don’t know about you but the introverted loner inside of me was on board with this jizzity jam before even clicking play.  It’s a slightly different BANKS than what was heard on her previous album and just so happens to be accompanied by an intriguing visual that depicts BANKS surrounded by multiple other BANKS’.  I won’t lie, I was initially put off by these BANKS clones but her unique and captivating dance moves were enough to keep my eyes glued to the screen.  It’s worth mentioning that these moves are truly a sight to behold at the live shows you can’t help but imitate them along with her.  As a follow up to Fuck With Myself, the second single “Gemini Feed” sounds like classic BANKS.  This song aurally describes a woman referencing a relationship in which the man could not handle being on the same playing field as his woman.  The Gemini sign is known as the twins, and this sounds like BANKS and her former lover were both unhappy in their relationship; he because he couldn’t control her in the way he wanted, and she because she wasn’t able to chase her dreams or fulfill her needs in the way she wanted to. Oh, BANKS.  We all have so much to learn from you.

I cannot wait to see this Goddess perform again live.  You best do your homework and listed to babygirl’s debut album, appropriately titled “Goddess” before her new album “The Altar” comes out September 30th.  See you at her next show, bb!


                    Lil Sizzly

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