Listen up fives, a ten is speaking.  I’m just kidding yall, I would never speak to strangers in that manner, only those who I love and admire get to enjoy that.  I’m sounding the alarm for a trend alert.


One thing that I like to do during my daily commute to work is observe all of the people traveling on the subway with me.  Let it be known that people-watching is probably in THE top 2 things to, at any time.  Especially in New York, you very rarely see the same person twice and everybody has their own weird mannerisms.  But that is a whole different topic of its own. The most common divide that I notice is people reading and people with their headphones in.  Then I got to thinking how we’re so lucky to be able to have these crazy phones that let us listen to shit anywhere we are at any time (battery permitting?) Which brings us to the trend…

OK now technically, this trend has been around for a couple of years but I think that it it’s time it had it’s moment in the sun.  You guessed it, I’m talking about Podcasts! Yayyyyy.  What’s a podcast, some may be wondering? Well kids, it’s basically like a radio show; only, you download the episodes instead of tuning into a station and there is a wide variety of categories of shows to choose from.  You’ve probably seen the lil icon that comes already installed on your iphone (get with the program, droids, your phones are exploding it’s time to just join us) in some kind of utility group app thing? Idk, but there are podcasts about music, art, video games, health, family, ok the list goes onnnnn.  My personal favorites are the ones hosted by comedians.  They’re some are interview-based with other comedians, some do improv, and some just discuss current events and trends.

I bet there are some people who are thinking, “I’m perfectly content with listening to my music thank you, annoying sir telling me what trends are.”  But I’m just saying, everyone has those periods when there isn’t any good new music coming out, you’re bored of what you got, or you just need a good chuckle (or cackle) to yourself on a crowded subway.  Or heck, maybe some of us don’t want to pay for damn Spotify, or Apple Music, or (lol) Tidal? Podcasts, in all their varietal glory, are available free in the itunes store, and they delete themselves from your phone when you’re done listening.  HOLLA FOR MAINTAINNG AN OK STORAGE LEVEL, even though that “warning” still pops up every day.

Podcasts are great for your lunch hour at work or even while you work. I used to work in an office where I did a lot of filing and it helped the time pass by SO much faster than had I not been entertained in my earholes.  Some of the podcasts are even educational.  There are a bunch of science programs, political shows, even shows about health. And with that flawless segue we transition right into our spotlighted podcast: That’s So Retrograde!!!


That’s So Retrograde is a show hosted by comedian/actress Stephanie Simbari and stylist/entrepreneur Elizabeth Kott.  These ladies are definitely two who I wouldn’t mind adding to the Flock.  Stephanie you may have seen in the indie flick “Coldwater” or the Oxygen series, “Funny Girls?”  Or maybe you’ve heard of Elizabeth’s clothing business, mentioned in Elle, Glamour, and on Refinery 29? They met in L.A. a number of years ago and have been friends since, which is obvious when you hear the rapport they have during these episodes. I find myself lol’ing with these gals all the while learning about things I wouldn’t have known about had I not tuned in.

Seriously, I started listening because I thought they were just two funny people hosting a show about something I know nothing about.  Then as I listened I came to understand more about living life using certain health and wellness methods.  Their topics of conversation range from meditation all the way to different types of diets.  There are episodes that will focus on different parts of the body and how to ensure their wellness and episodes that explore spirituality whether it be via psychic or rabbi.


Stephanie and Elizabeth take these topics that might not be on the top of everyone’s to-do lists and introduces them in a way that makes it nonsensical to not be somewhat curious.  All the while the hosts provide reassurance to the listener that it’s not practical for everyone to completely change their lifestyles around all at once.  They provide comfort to the listeners with validation that not all days are going to be good days, and that it’s okay to not be okay all the time.  They are encouraging without being overbearing, and lead by example through sharing their wellness exercises and activities with us.  I drink a lot more green juice now that I ever had and I am seriously glad about this change in my life.  Part of the reason for this is That’s So Retrograde; it made me want to take better care of myself and to really be aware of and respect my body more.  I really, truly hope that this little blurb inspires you to listen to at least one episode of any podcast. You’ll find that it’s a welcome change from the same verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus x2 that’s been on your recently played playlist for the past nine months.  Shoot, you get home, more reruns of friends are on, you’re caught up on all the housewives, don’t have the energy or commitment to start a whole new series yet? Turn the tube off, put a ‘cast on.


Thank me later,

That’s So Sizzly

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